We are thrilled to launch our Full Week After School Program. Our Fall 2018 after school program includes hands-on classes in game design, fashion and hair art, outdoor adventures, improvisation, video production, paper arts, urban gardening and more. Ages 8-14 may register for the full week after school program and attend 4-5 days per week. The cost for the Fall Semester full week program is discounted to $850, which equals ~ $15 per day. Sliding-scale fees and scholarships are available to families who qualify, and weekly or monthly payment plans are available to all. Contact us for an application. Transportation will be available from the MC Smith School and Promise Neighborhood, and returning to locations in Hudson, Claverack, Stottville and Philmont. Please contact us if your child will need transportation to and from our after school programs. Get in touch if you want to learn more about our programs, or if you need transportation support.

AGES 8 - 14:



Mondays, 3:30pm - 5:00pm | Sep 17 - Dec 16| Ages 8 - 14
Hilarious improvisation, acting, and video production for everyone. With Sharece Johnson.
This creative after school space combines drama, improvisation, and video production. Through acting games and activities, we’ll improvise our own comedies and TV shows, experimenting with story, character, spontaneity and risk. Then we’ll introduce the camera, working with local filmmakers to explore the difference between acting on stage and acting with a green screen and within a camera frame. We’ll even produce our own YouTube channel, sharing our work with the public and gaining collaborative production skills. Class fee: $250



Tuesdays, 3:30pm - 5:00pm | Sep 18 - Oct 23| Ages 8 - 14
Exploring the rivers, woods, and wild spaces around us.
In Hudson we’re surrounded by nature, but a lot of us spend our time only in the city! This weekly after school space is about exploration and adventure as we get to know the natural and wild spaces around us. We’ll spend time with the Hudson Sloop Club, getting our feet wet and taking boats out onto the Hudson River. We’ll go out into the woods, facing survival skills challenges and building tree forts. We’ll track animal prints, learn to identify bird songs, and gain skills for outdoor navigation. We’ll visit the River City Garden, getting our hands dirty in the soil and growing food. Our weekly trips will be a chance to explore our own questions and curiosities, confront our fears of the outdoors, and discover hideaways and secrets in our city’s backyard. Class fee: $125



Tuesdays, 3:30pm - 5:00pm | Oct 30 - Dec 16| Ages 8 - 14
Constructing paper sculptures, costumes, crafts and more. With Pamela Badila.
Did you know you can turn paper into…. almost anything? Working with artist and storyteller Pamela Badila, in this after school class we’ll explore the infinite possibilities of paper. We’ll make our own paper and books from scratch. We’ll discover the tricks of origami and traditional Japanese paper-folding, and try our hands at paper-making, paper-quilling, paper-cutting, paper mache and paper sculpture. Maybe we’ll build our own paper store (out of paper!) to share and sell our creations. Class fee: $150


Wednesdays, 3:30pm - 5:00pm | Sep 19 - Oct 24 | Ages 8 - 14
Working with geometry to create our own fashion lines. With Ngonda Badila. 
This semester we’ll focus in on the ways that storytelling and world-building have become increasingly important in the world of games, combining game design with the art of narrative and self-expression. Interactive storytelling is a growing field of study for many in literary, media and tech communities. From linear stories to branching narratives, user-generated stories, choose-your-own-adventures, and parallel paths, designers are increasingly recognizing that the journey is often a key part of the game experience. Expansive worlds form the backdrop of many of our favorite games, with entire histories, cultures, landscapes and placenames developed around our play. Class fee: $125



Wednesdays, 3:30pm - 5:00pm | Oct 31 - Dec 16 | Ages 8 - 14
Learn how to make beautiful hair styles for you and your friends. With Ngonda and Ntangou Badila.
Braided, Beaded, Frizzy, Gleaming, Chopped or Painted Hair. All hair types will be celebrated! How do we use the art of hair to express ourselves? How do we respect everyone’s hair story? How is our identity connected with our hair? Led by international hair artists Ngonda and Ntangou Badila, you’ll learn the history and science of hair as well as the techniques to bring your hair dreams into the world. As scientists, we’ll look under the microscope to examine our hair follicles. As artists, we’ll gain the mechanical skills for making box braids, cornrows, fishtails, weaves, yarn wrappings, clip-ons and DIY wigs, working with both hair mannequins and hair models to practice our techniques. You’ll also learn proper hair care for your specific hair type and create natural hair care products like flaxseed hair gel and herbal shampoos. We’ll play with our hair and create jewelry adornments for our crowns with beads, wires and feathers. Class fee: $125



Thursdays, 3:30pm - 5:00pm | Sep 20 - Dec 16 | Ages 8 - 14
Have you ever wanted to design your own games? With David Eustace and guest specialists.
What does it take to be a game designer? In this after school club we’ll learn through play. What makes a good game and what makes a bad one? We’ll reveal the secrets of games like Monopoly, Connect 4 and Uno, to discover the behind-the-scenes mechanics needed to make a game you won’t want to put down. For students interested in video game design and production, analog games like board, dice and card games are the best place to start. We’ll design, test, and create our own original board games, sharing them with the community at our end-of-semester fair. Class fee: $250




Fridays, Sep 21 - Oct 26, 3:30pm - 5:00pm | Ages 5+
Get your hands dirty at the River City Garden! With Kristen, Kaya and friends.
Join us every Friday afternoon to grow our own plants, make our own soil, tend to our own garden and eat our own food! Together we’ll plant and harvest vegetables, examine the insects and microbes in our healthy soil, make observations about what’s happening in our garden, and take plenty of breaks to play games and each snacks.

AGES 13 +



Fridays, Sep 21 - Dec 16, 3:30pm - 5:00pm | Ages 13+
A weekly space by and for teens. With Sharece Johnson.
Space 2.0 is a space for teenagers in Hudson to have as their own. We decide on our own activities and calendar. We go on regular field trips to see movies, hear speakers, and help out at community events. We cook and share meals, have cupcake challenges and cook-offs. We listen to and make music, produce our own Buzzfeed videos, make lip balm and throw dance parties. Space is a place for us to have honest and open conversations about what’s going on in the world and in our lives -- to get real about issues, and to gain the skills to be leaders in our lives and communities.


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