The Alimentary Kitchen is an educational and community kitchen space that serves as a classroom for the children of Kite’s Nest, a learning space where we also cater events and host community dinners and pop-up events. We lead after-school, day-time, and summertime children’s workshops that integrate food-craft, nutrition, herbalism, food preparation, processing, and food-traditions, promoting and encouraging the health and autonomy of the young people we work with. We see the kitchen as a space where children and teenagers can have the opportunity to work alongside professional chefs as students and apprentices.

Our workshops are tactile and thought-provoking. While developing advanced cooking and kitchen skills, students and apprentices examine larger issues that shape our relationships to food: we explore food traditions and history, foraging and land stewardship, agro-ecology and agriculture, nutrition, globalization, food security and food sovereignty.  In our meals, we use ingredients that are healthful to the consumer, to the environment, and to our local economy - local, organic, ethically foraged wild ingredients. We propose our kitchen to the city as a place of encounter: where people trade knowledge and skills, across cultures and between generations.

Past workshops have included: Salt to Taste I, Salt to Taste II, Alimentary Café, and From Scratch. Please contact about our culinary arts education.