JANUARY 17 - JUNE 11, 2017



Beginning the week of May 8th:




This Winter/Spring 2017 our classes will run from January 17th through June 11th, organized into three 5-6 week units. Our Full Day Program is 3 days a week. Students may register for individual courses (a la carte), or students may register for the entire Full Day Program and receive additional support making specific connections to homeschooling requirements, teacher-advisorship during the semester, and support in creating independent projects and portfolios.  Read more about our Full Day Program here. 



9:30am - 3pm | Ages 9 - 15
$1000 for the 15-week semester. Sliding-scale tuition assistance available for families who qualify. (No class on May 29th)

Mondays at Kite’s Nest this Winter/Spring will be a multifaceted open work day for students to pursue questions about their own learning like: What does independent learning really look like? How can Kite's Nest youth become leaders in our community of learners? This open work day will provide time and structures for students to pursue interests, take on independent projects, and collaborate with one another through study groups, youth-led workshops, band practice and skill shares. During this time students will take an active role in their educational experience and environment through community meetings, curriculum planning with their teachers, and engagement with the homeschooling process. Read the full day description here.



9:30am - 3pm | Ages 9 - 15
$1150 for the 17-week semester. Sliding-scale tuition assistance available for families who qualify.

Tuesdays at Kite’s Nest this Winter/Spring will center around investigations into local histories of labor, migration, and urban change through research, archeological explorations, interviews, oral histories, writing and reading. In January we'll begin by asking: What is the relationship between labor, migration and urban change? How has history been shaped by industrial development in our region? What is the relationship between work, culture and place? We will investigate the industrial history of the Hudson Valley as an avenue for further exploring the dynamic nature of this place and its long story: from ice houses and brick factories, to candy, mushrooms and button factories, from the pocketbook industry to the prison industry. Read the full day description here.


9:30am - 3pm | Ages 9 - 15
$1150 for the 17-week semester. Sliding-scale tuition assistance available for families who qualify.

Fridays will focus on hands-on mechanics, math, design and engineering. Working in collaboration with The Catskill Maker Syndicate, we will learn by working with machines, small motors, and electronics through reconstruction, repair, and experimentation. We'll ask: What makes an engine run? What powers my computer and phone? How do batteries work? How can we learn the skills to repair, re-wire, and recreate the mechanical and electrical appliances in our lives to spend less, consume less and live more efficiently?  Read the full day description here.


STORY ARTS with Promise Neighborhood

Mondays 3pm - 5:30pm
Ages 5 - 8

What makes a good story? What makes us laugh, sigh, smile, or cry? How can we tell, write, illustrate and act out the parts of our lives that excite, confuse and exhilarate us most through stories? Let’s read, tell, enact, draw, paint and write stories together. This play-based program for children ages 5-8 focuses on the art of stories, in partnership with the Greater Hudson Promise Neighborhood. Each week we will read a new story and explore it through hands-on, creative projects. We might become a character with our bodies, or illustrate and narrate an untold scene, create a diorama of our favorite parts, or collage an alternative ending, the possibilities are endless!

DESIGN-BUILD with Promise Neighborhood

Wednesdays: 3pm - 5:30pm
Ages 8 - 13

What process do artists, engineers and designers use to create their paintings, sculptures, bridges, buildings, websites or apps? How do I turn my ideas into something? Let’s explore the design-draft-build process together through this arts program for children ages 8-12, in partnership with the Greater Hudson Promise Neighborhood. We will design sculptures, murals, cardboard cities, logos, websites, games and more. We will work with clay, wood, paper mache, glue, string, and anything else that inspires us to design and build creations that emerge from our imaginations, plans and collaborations.

SPACE 101 

in partnership with SBK Social Justice Center
Thursdays 4PM - 7PM. 
Ages 13 - 18.
Free for Hudson teenagers. Donations welcome.


Space 101 is a weekly club for teenagers in Hudson to have as their own. A core group of teenagers come together every week to produce media and music, cook food, go on fun trips, and meet other youth organizers and leaders in the area. Every other week, Space 101 is joined by WISEBODIES for a series of workshops and discussions exploring topics of gender, sexuality, identity, anatomy, body image and society.  Read the full description here.


At the River City Garden
Fridays 3PM - 6PM, beginning May 12. 
Ages 5 - 15


Come get your hands dirty at River City Garden! Join us every Friday afternoon to grow our own plants, make our own soil, tend to our own garden and eat our own food. In this weekly drop-in garden club, we’ll start by choosing the crops we want to grow, planning our growing season, preparing garden beds and planting our early spring crops. While we work and tend to our shared garden, we’ll also learn about how the food system works and talk about why some people don’t have enough food and others have too much. Each afternoon we will make observations of what’s happening in the garden, and take breaks to play games and eat snacks. Beginning May 5 at the River City Garden. The Roots and Rebels Program is funded in part by the generous support of the United Way of Columbia and Greene Counties. 


Kite’s Nest will offer week-long camps during the public school breaks in 2017.

In this week-long winter break Technology & Media Arts camp, we'll work with filmmakers, programmers, electronics wizards and digital arts proefssionals to create powerful messages about our communities and our futures. Full scholarships and sliding scale fees available for Hudson City School District students. Full cost is $330 per week. Learn more here!

Join us during Spring Break 2017 to collaboratively plan, design and paint a mural for Hudson! In this week-long camp, we’ll bring together youth, artists, and community members to create a large-scale painting for the public. The week will culminate with a community party and celebration. Come bring your voice and vision to this neighborhood art project. Full scholarships and sliding scale fees available for Hudson City School District students. Full cost is $330 per week. More information coming soon. Learn more here!


We also welcome back HATCH, (Hudson Area Teaching Cooperative for Homeschoolers), a homeschool group led by and for teenagers hosted in the Kite's Nest space on Thursdays from 10am - 3pm. All enrollment and inquiries for the HATCH programs can go through their facebook page: or by emailing Zofia at 


Our programs fill up very quickly, so please get in touch right away to enroll. 

If your child has already participated in a Kite's Nest class, please email or call 518-945-8445 to enroll.

If your child is new to Kite's Nest:

  1. Fill out this form, email, or call 518-945-8445
  2.  We'll contact you shortly with registration forms, and answer any questions you may have.

Sliding-scale tuition assistance is available for families who qualify. No one will be turned away for lack of funds.