Black lives matter at Staley B. Keith polutck event
Register-Star. February 21, 2015.
In just the last few months, "Black lives matter" has become the rallying cry of a new movement for racial justice. About 25 people gathered at the Promise Neighborhood office to talk about the implications of this new movement for this area...

Responding to Ferguson, locals take to the streets
Register-Star. November 26, 2014.
At 10a.m. on Tuesday, about 50 people gathered in Washington Square, the park in front of the Columbia County Courthouse Building, to show solidarity and protest what they saw as a miscarriage of justice...

Local Food Culture at TEDx
Register-Star. August 9, 2014.
Hudson continues to amaze me with number of amusing — and stimulating — events available to the (sometimes paying, sometimes gratis) public...

Social Justice Leadership Academy celebrates students' lessons learned
Register-Star. August 9, 2014.
Eighteen Hudson-area teens celebrated learned life lessons Friday evening at Riverfront Park as the first-ever Social Justice Leadership Academy celebrated its graduation with a home-cooked meal at the riverfront.

Uprooted gardeners find fertile soil in city
Register-Star. August 9, 2014.
Hudson Urban Gardens leader Sarah Falkner said Tuesday that “pretty much all” of the people who were displaced from their 2013 Community Garden plots have new plots this year....

Crowd turns out for interactive street fair event
Register-Star. July 30, 2014.
After a week-long summer workshop at Kite's Nest, a group of children aged 8 to 13 brought an interactive street fair to Warren Street. During the week-long summer camp workshop, the children engaged in conversations with Kite's Nest instructors exploring ideas of public art and exchange... 

Potion Camp at Kite's Nest
Register-Star. July 18, 2014.
Kite's Nest headquarters, at 108 S. Front St. in Hudson, has been busy with the activities of the Potion Camp, a one-week adventure for children ages 5 to 8. They have been gathering plants of all kinds and creating medicines, perfumes, dyes and naturally fermented sodas....

SBK Center aims to train future leaders
Register-Star. July 12, 2014.
The Staley B. Keith Social Justice Center in partnership with Kite’s Nest, the alternative learning facility, have started a five-week course to help train future community leaders. The program, Social Justice Leadership Academy, started this week and will meet Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays with county residents, ages 12 to 21....

River City Garden debuts with parade, promotes sustainability
Register-Star. June 16, 2014
Students and families of Kite’s Nest sprung into action Sunday afternoon and marched on Hudson, urging city residents to “Waste less stuff!” and “Grow more food!”...

"Kids Will Save the World!"
Gossips of Rivertown. June 15, 2014.
Gossips arrived at the Kite's Nest Expo this afternoon just in time to hear the last short story--a harrowing and well-crafted apocalyptic tale told in the first person--read by its author...

Groups gather to discuss racial issues
Register-Star. June 5, 2014
The Staley B. Keith Social Justice Center, in conjunction with the Greater Hudson Promise Neighborhood and Kite’s Nest, started the Train the Trainer community program, which provides a forum to discuss racial issues and conflict resolution...

Kite's Nest cookout brings garden volunteers together
Register-Star. June 2, 2014
Volunteers from several city agencies came together Sunday to work on the city’s new community garden project at the waterfront on North Front Street, just a few feet away from the shuttered Furgary Boat Club...

Local writer brings successful workshop to Kite's Nest
Register-Star. Monday, April 14, 2014
Jennifer Wai-Lan Strodl, local writer, professor and instructor of the successful Art Omi youth writing workshop “STORY: A Creative Writing Program Exploring the Art of Fiction” is bringing her curriculum to the alternative learning facility Kite’s Nest in Hudson...

Kite's Nest readies for open house
Register-Star. April 8, 2014
On Friday, the students and teachers of the Kite’s Nest, Hudson's alternative learning center, were busy preparing for their end-of-the-quarter open house expo to be held Sunday afternoon...

Hudson Opera House holds public education forum
Register-Star. March 1, 2014
Education advocate Michael Strong led a discussion alongside a panel of educators about educational options in the Hudson area among a crowded room of around 60 parents, residents, and teachers at the Hudson Opera House on Warren Street Sunday. The panel included Superintendent of Hudson City Schools Maria Suttmeier, Executive Director of the Hawthorne Valley Association Martin Ping, Kite’s Nest Co-director Kaya Weidman and Ruth Adams, who runs Omi International Arts center and is a home-schooling advocate who home-schools her 10-year-old daughter...

Re-Envisioning Hudson
Gossips of Rivertown. December 16, 2013.
Imagine a Hudson that generates its own renewable energy, has a dog park, an art museum, a food market, a community garden, a cable car, its own High Line, and a statue of Henry Hudson on the bluff but no historic architecture and no City Hall. Welcome to Hudson #2! Hudson #2 is the cardboard dream city, created, with the guidance and inspiration of Sara Kendall, by a dozen children learning together at Kite's Nest...