The Alimentary Kitchen is a commercially-certified kitchen of Kite’s Nest, serving as a space for children’s workshops, community gatherings, and special events. Run by Nicole LoBue, The Alimentary Kitchen promotes and encourages the health and autonomy of young people through workshops in food-craft, nutrition, preparation, processing, and food-traditions. Our workshops create opportunities for young people to work alongside professional chefs as students and apprentices, engaging in real-world exchange. We are especially excited about how a kitchen can be a lens through which to explore science, history, and culture.  We also cater private and special events, at the Basilica and throughout the Hudson Valley. Our meals are locally-sourced and foraged, elegant and gourmet, and imbued with our reference for the environment and our community.

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Nicole LoBue is a professional chef, herbalist and educator whose kitchen achieves an artful balance of natural, wild, holistic and refined. She savors the raucous joy of meals, from her collaborations with renowned kitchens, institutions, and individuals to running cafes and apothecaries with children and teenagers.

Nicole is Chef and Culinary Arts Director of the Alimentary Kitchen, and Co-Director and Program Director of Kite’s Nest, a learning resource center in Hudson, NY. Kite’s Nest offers multi-disciplinary, project-based workshops for children and teenagers, as well as the Alimentary Kitchen and the River City Garden, an urban garden and sustainability site in Hudson. Under Nicole’s guidance, the Alimentary Kitchen is dedicated to linking deliciousness with wellness and education, supporting people in integrating local food into daily life and participating in the wellness of their communities.

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