9:30am - 3:00pm
Ages 8-14



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We are living in a time of Big Data. More information is being collected and stored about us than ever before, raising important and complex questions about the future of privacy and ethics. In this class we’ll weave together math, art and philosophy to take control of our own data. We’ll develop our data literacy skills, become our own data collectors and artists, and dive into some of the deep questions of our time.

Becoming data collectors. How many times do you feel like you’re hungry in a day? When in the day do you usually feel tired? What can we learn about ourselves by becoming our own data collectors? Together we’ll count, measure, and map the data trails of our own lives, learning how data can be a powerful tool for better understanding ourselves and for making decisions.

Developing data literacy. We’ll learn to work with numbers and statistics, learning skills around spreadsheets and making superhero charts. We’ll work to make sense of math and simplify numbers through painting and sculptures, taking complex issues and breaking them down into visuals. We’ll uncover some of the key ways that journalists and politicians manipulate data to confuse us, and discover the positive and transformative power of data when its owned and understood by the people.

Asking the big questions. Who owns our data? How do we navigate privacy, security, ethics and consent in the age of the internet? What access to our information should our government have? What about private companies? How do we distinguish between “fake news” and “real news”? How can data help us to address pressing social issues and build a better world? .