In-depth culinary arts, engaging our senses and our community.

Ages 10-17  |  Monday, August 4 - Friday, August 8 2014  | 10am - 3pm 

This workshop was held in collaboration with the Social Justice Leadership Academy. Over the course of one week we created a series of meals for one another, enjoying and feasting on flavors under the guidance of chef Nicole LoBue. We explored the actions of salt, oil, acid, heat, and fat in cooking, and the fascinating reactions of our bodies to these phenomena. We encouraged explorations which freed us from recipes and measuring implements, developing our sensory awareness by identifying tastes and flavors.

Throughout the week we foraged and visited farms, taking excursions to gather our food from the people and places it comes from. We discussed and cultivated an understanding of the impact of the decisions we make as consumers, and the responsibilities we have for our health, as individuals and as community members.This week of immersion culminated in a meal and event for the public, in celebration of the culmination of the Social Justice Leadership Academy. Together we thought deeply about what each of us envisioned this meal to represent, and the experience we wanted to offer our guests, asking: Who are we, as a group? What will this meal say about us and what we care about?

A workshop by Nicole LoBue.