Know It, Write It, Teach It: Brilliant Minds, Brilliant Bodies, Brilliant Books
A five-week mini series, and a partnership between Kite's Nest and Wisebodies

In this mini-class for 12-14 year olds of all genders, we'll spend five weeks together learning about the sexual/reproductive body, and then turning our new knowledge into tiny books for younger children. Our books will be the beginning of a Kite's Nest library on beautiful, age-appropriate books for youth of all ages. This is a partnership program with Wisebodies: WiseBodies teaches sexuality education to kids, teens, and adults in a radically new, breathtakingly fresh, age-appropriate, honest, and uplifting way that supports the whole individual and the whole community. We encourage students to commit to all 5-weeks of the Thursday class. Please contact to register. The program is free, but we welcome donations. The program is free, but we welcome donations.