• Adventures in the discovery of our world through folklife stories, theater, movement, song and dance. All ages.

Mondays, 3:30pm - 5:00pm. Extended after school hours available: 3pm drop-off and 5:30pm pick-up.
January 29 - June 3. No class on February 19, April 2, April 9, or May 28.
Program fee: $300 | Sliding-scale tuition & full scholarships are available. Payment plans available to all.
Lead teacher: Pamela Badila

The amazing Mrs. Badila will be our guide as we enter the worlds of stories and folktales from the around world using creative theater, movement, dance, song, and visual arts. Together we will become a percussion ensemble, an international choral, and a theater troupe. We will make our own masks and mosaics, costumes and sets. We will play instruments (wind, blade, string, and percussion), learn new songs and dances from different cultures, and experiment with our own expressive gestures and movement. Through our creative arts we’ll learn about the history of the land we’re on, and about the many cultures that exist around us. And we’ll invite our communities and families to join us as we share and perform what we’ve learned.



Robotics, automation, and machine control with the Catskill Maker Syndicate. Ages 10-14.

Tuesdays, 3:00pm - 6:00pm.
January 30 - June 3. No class on February 20, April 3, or April 10. 
Located at the Catskill Maker Syndicate. Transportation provided to and from Kite’s Nest each week.
Program fee: $525 | Sliding-scale tuition and full scholarships are available. Payment plans available to all.
Lead teacher: Albert Flores

In this after school maker’s space, we’ll dive deep into circuitry, microcontrollers, and electronics. We’ll learn the basics of robotics, mechanics, and physics. As we develop our skills and understanding in both electronic and mechanical design, students will create their own original projects: we might make a video game, or a weather station, or a robot. We might make a go-kart, a wind or solar powered generator, or a catapult with electronic controls. Have an idea? Let’s do it.  



A safe space to be together. Ages 13+

Wednesdays, 3:30pm - 5:30pm. Meets at Time & Space, Limited in Hudson. 
Suggested fee: $350 or by donation.

Hudson Girls Alive is a weekly program for girls, led by an amazing collective of women who’ve come up in Hudson: Sharece, Ngonda, Jabin, Olivia, Ashley, Jasmin, and Rebekah. We’ll cook together, make art, sing in community, learn about our bodies, study herbal medicine, and dance! Supported by Hudson Muslim Youth, WiseBodies, Kite’s Nest and TSL.



Making our own bags, baskets, clothes, shoes and hats. Ages 8-14.

Thursdays, 3:30pm - 5:00pm. 
February 1 - June 3. No class on February 22, April 4 or April 11. 
Program fee: $325 | Sliding-scale tuition and full scholarships are available for families who qualify. Payment plans are available to all.
Lead teacher: Margot Becker, Ngonda Badila, Zebi Williams, and special guests.

In this after school studio, we’ll learn to design and make things that we can wear and use: from baskets and shoes to bags and hats. We’ll practice our skills in drawing/design, making and working with patterns, weaving, sewing, painting, and fitting, working with a range of natural materials and fabrics. Join us in developing new skills and techniques, while exploring and experimenting with our own style and expression.



Get your hands dirty at the River City Garden. All ages.

Fridays, 3:30pm - 5:00pm. Extended after school hours available: 3pm drop-off and 5:30pm pick-up.
May 4 - June 3.
Donations welcome.

Come get your hands dirty at River City Garden! Join us every Friday afternoon to grow our own plants, make our own soil, tend to our own garden and eat our own food. Beginning May 4th, we’ll be hosting our weekly drop-in Roots & Rebels garden club for young people of all ages. We’ll choose the crops we want to grow, prepare garden beds and plant our early spring crops, and even help to build a greenhouse. We’ll examine the insects and microbes in our healthy soil, make observations about what’s happening in our garden, and take breaks to play games and each snacks. 



A weekly open space for Hudson teens. Explore your interests, go on field trips, share meals, be community leaders. Ages 13+

Fridays, 4pm - 7pm. 
February 2 - June 3. No class on February 23, April 5, or April 12.
Donations welcome.

Space 2.0 is a space for teenagers in Hudson to have as their own. It’s a place where teenagers can have open dialogue about issues around the world, in Hudson, and in their lives. It’s a place where teenagers can explore their own interests, share meals together, go on field trips, participate in community activities, and develop the skills to be leaders within their own lives and communities.


Our programs fill up very quickly, so please get in touch right away to enroll. 

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If your child is new to Kite's Nest:

  1. Fill out this form, email, or call 518-945-8445
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Sliding-scale tuition assistance is available for families who qualify. No one will be turned away for lack of funds.