Mondays 3pm - 5:30pm | Ages 5 - 8 | January - June 2017

Exploring the art of stories through creative theater, drawing, imagination and play. In our after school Story Arts, we read and experimented with stories with 4-7 year olds, in partnership with the Greater Hudson Promise Neighborhood, and with a rotating group of teachers! Each week we’ve explored a story together, and entered into a different narrative world: sailing towards the wild things in a large cardboard boat, discovering the regenerative secrets of the forest, telling song-stories in Spanish, or performing in a collaborative play about the moon. With Zebi Williams, Heylan Tsumagari, Ngounga Badila, and other guest educators, with the Greater Hudson Promise Neighborhood.


Wednesdays 3pm - 5:30pm | Ages 7 - 13 | January - June 2017

In our Design Build after school class, students built all kinds of creative structures, in collaboration with visiting local artists and makers. They made and sold jewelry, welded a double bicycle, built prototypes for road-side sculptures, constructed furniture from salvaged materials, created plaster molds and casts, and experimented with fabric printing and machine sewing. With Zebi Williams, Matt Bua, Sam Merrett, Elise McMahon, and other guest teachers and artists, with the Greater Hudson Promise Neighborhood.


Fridays 3pm - 6pm | All ages! | May - June 2017

At the Roots & Rebels Garden Club, kids of all ages join us every Friday at the River City Garden! We grow our own plants, make our own soil, and tend to the garden. In Spring 2017 we prepared garden beds, planted our spring crops, and found lots of worms! Of course, we took plenty of breaks to eat snacks, practice hula hooping, and enjoy our time together outside. The Roots & Rebels Garden Club was held in collaboration with WiseBodies and the Greater Hudson Promise Neighborhood. 


Brilliant Minds, Brilliant Bodies,Brilliant Books

Thursdays 3pm - 6pm | All ages! | May - June 2017


Our community partner WiseBodies led this five-week after-school space, for 12-14 year olds to learn about the sexual/reproductive body. Together, students of Know It, Write It, Teach It turned their knowledge about the body into a library of tiny, age-appropriate books for younger children. WiseBodies is an organization that teaches sexuality education to kids, teens, and adults in a radically new, breathtakingly fresh, age-appropriate, honest, and uplifting way that supports the whole individual and the whole community.

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