"Let's make an ancient Roman recipe." - Cassius, 10 years old

 Wednesdays 3pm - 6:30pm  |  Ages 8 and up  | January - March 2014

Each Wednesday throughout the winter, we’ll come together in the warmth of the Kite’s Nest kitchen to create and enjoy a shared meal. We’ll work under the guidance of chef and food-educator Nicole LoBue, and alongside a number of local crafters and experts.Inspired by winter’s cold, we’ll consider cooking historically: What did northeastern indigenous cultures eat in the winter? What are some traditional recipes that we might make today? We’ll look into the wintry places of the northern hemisphere, and find recipes that intrigue us, as we dive into our own exploration of food preservation, basic nutrition, flavor, fat, and more. What’s available to us right now? What do we need to survive?At the end of each afternoon, we’ll turn our kitchen into a public café, inviting our families and neighbors to come taste the fruits of our explorations. We’ll operate our own mini-food business, stepping up as chefs, servers, educators and restaurateurs. Together we will explore, cook and feast with the bounty of winter.


Wednesdays 12pm - 6:30pm  |  Ages 10 - 17   | January - March 2014

Apprentices! Join us for an in-depth exploration of seasonal and regional cooking. Apprentices will learn the fundamentals of cooking and learn professional techniques to approach grains, winter vegetables, meat, dairy, cheese-making, fermentation, preservation, bread-making, pastry-making, recipe-creation and more. We will research and replicate traditional recipes of northern climates as well as recipes of this specific region historically. Apprentices will also engage in critical thought regarding nutrition as well as regional and global food politics.  Apprentices will work collaboratively to share their creations through documentation and a food blog. Alimentary apprentices will also support other cooking students as mentors during Alimentary Café.

A workshop by Nicole LoBue and Tess Diamond.