HI-FI cli-sci

How do we make sense of our planet’s changing climate? Research, critical inquiry, creative expression, scientific experimentation, and philosophical explorations.

Wednesdays and Fridays, 10am - 4pm | Ages 9 - 15 | September - December 2015

How do we make sense of our planet’s changing climate? In this multidisciplinary workshop, we investigated the concepts, cultures and controversies of climate change through research, critical inquiry, creative expression, scientific experimentation and philosophical conversations. We began by learning about the climate systems that regulate our weather and living ecosystems. We studied the energy systems we use to power our planet. We started with earth science and chemistry to build a solid understanding from whcih to think about climate change. Together we learned to critically analyze media stories, and to think about how media can affect both fear and numbness in us. We paired our scientific investigations with art and expression to create hopeful, informed, and alternative narratives, climate solutions and community adaptations.

The two-day-a-week schedule enabled us to engage with these concepts in a focused, extensive and multidimensional way. Wednesdays were “content” focused: we learned together and independently, read, watched, researched, studied and thought. And Fridays were “expression” oriented: we drew, wrote, recorded, experimented and created. We wanted to stretch and challenge our capacities as learners and as thinkers about the future. Continuing the themes and methodologies of past classes (Exploded Axon, Myth, Future Worlds, Hidden Histories... and now Cli-Sci), we continued to support and expand our critical inquiry, analysis, sequencing, information synthesis and integration skills.

A workshop with Nicole LoBueLucy SegarDavid Eustace