Fridays, 9:30am - 3:00pm | Ages 9 - 15 | January - June 2017

How Stuff Works was a weekly “makerspace” taught in collaboration with the Catskill Maker Syndicate. Students learned about mechanics, engineering, and mathematical and chemical principles through DIY reconstruction and experimentation. We built basic electric circuits and fox hole radios, created automata toys using axels and gears, and took apart computers, TVs, chainsaws and keyboards. We built Rube Goldberg machines, constructed (and raced!) our own soap box derby cars, and visited an old water- and steam-powered mill. Throughout the class we’ve asked: How can we learn the skills to repair, re-wire, and create, to consume less and live more efficiently? Check out our Science Fair in the Basilica North Hall, at 3:00pm!

A course taught by Zebi Williams and Albert Flores of the Catskill Maker Syndicate.