hudson sloop club 2015

River adventures and water craft-building with the Hudson Sloop Club.

Two weeks: Monday, August 10 - Friday, August 21st
10am- 3pm | Ages 8-15

In this two-week workshop we built boats to explore the ecology, history, and culture of the Hudson River. Each day we planned, designed and constructed our own water-crafts, taking breaks to learn from local experts about the Hudson River.  Every Sloop Club Camper designed and built a boat collaboratively, tested it's bouyancy and hydro-dynamics at Oakdale Park, and spent time in the shop refining their design.  We worked with all the tools available in the Sloop Club’s shop -- from our bare hands to traditional working tools and modern cordless drills -- to learn the skills necessary to take a boat-project from the drawing board to the shop floor, and eventually out onto the river. We built with traditional and inventive materials, new and recycled: wood, plastic, paper, glue, bicycles, plastic bottles. We had bustling mornings of knot-tying, buoyancy experiments, boat design and building, and visits from Sloop Club members. Our afternoons were filed with fishing trips, boating and swimming at Oakdale park, and sailing excursions on the Hudson. 

A workshop with the Hudson Sloop Club: Nick Zachos, Lucy Segar, Sam Merrett, Ngounga Badila, Elise McMahon, and many visitors and friends.