HUDSON SLOOP CLUB sailing camp 

Sailing and Stewardship: Expeditions on the Hudson River.

Monday, August 22 - Friday, August 26 | 9am - 3:30pm | Ages 9 - 15.

Twenty campers (ages 9 - 15) came together to discover the active community of fish and wildlife in the Hudson River Estuary, while getting a taste for steering a sailboat. During this one-week workshop with the Hudson Sloop Club, campers participated in a combination of land and water-based activities: understanding how sailboats work, learning maneuvers and vocabulary, going fishing, testing water quality, and building simple tools to read wind, current, and speed. Each day, (weather-permitting), campers spent time on the water, sailing: trying their hand at steering and trimming sail, learning sailing fundamentals, and going places only accessible by river. 

A camp in partnership with the Hudson Sloop Club: Sam Merrett and Christin Ripley, with Audrey Snyder, Joe Riley, Ngounga Badila and Brett Miller. Special thank you to photographer Andi State.