Below are short, edited excerpts of much longer, in-depth oral history interviews recorded for the Listening Project.  Those interviewed have generously agreed to share their memories and experiences, and to share these audio clips with you. Please listen in the spirit with which these were shared. As you listen, think about your own experience of growing up, and of learning:  Where do you come from? What has been your experience of learning, as a child and as an adult, in and out of school? Who have been your most memorable teachers, mentors, or guides? What passions and interests have you had, and how did you pursue them? What kinds of support have you had? What kinds of challenges have you faced? What are the strengths you see in your home, your neighborhood, and your community? And what dreams do you have for the future?


In our workshops with young people growing up in Hudson, we are always practicing listening to our surroundings and our neighbors. The children and teens of Hudson have joined us in exploring the city, as listeners, investigators, cartographers, media-makers, and narrators. They have interviewed dozens of interviews and conversations with our neighbors in and around Hudson, and with each other, and they have produced a number of radio pieces. Here are a few:

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