Inside Out: a mobile classroom

Tuesdays, 9:30am - 4:00pm | Ages 9 - 15 | September - December 2016

In Fall 2016, we hit the road to explore and engage with the world beyond our nest. Each week, the mobile classroom traveled to a different location. We:

  • Explored hidden gems of the city of Hudson, like the Furgary Shacks, the old Third St. School (now the Second Ward Foundation), and the Inn at Hudson. 
  • Sailed on the Hudson River and visited Middle Ground Flats, with the Hudson Sloop Club
  • Visited artists-in-residence at the Wassaic Project
  • Went hiking in the Catskills, just as the weather started to get cold!
  • Helped build a cob wall in Freehold, and learned about natural building
  • Gleaned apples for the Salvation Army with Long Table Harvest
  • Decorated a Get-Out-the-Vote van (the Voto-Mobile) on election day, and interviewed people about their visions and hopes for the future
  • Participated in a peaceful rally against the Dakota Access Pipeline (#nodapl) at the Albany Capitol building, with students from the Albany Free School
  • Investigated Hudson's history at the Cedar Park Cemetery in Hudson
  • Went ice skating in Albany, and made a timeline of Mobile Classroom trips!

Our focuses included service: giving to and serving our community; observation: taking in and analyzing ideas, images, and history; growing our networks: making connections with inspiring people and places; and expression: producing work inspired by the people and places we’re learning from.

A workshop with Kaya Weidman, Sara Kendall, Lucy Segar, and Nicole LoBue