Movements are physical, social, emotional and political. Let’s make some together.

Wednesdays 3pm - 6pm | Ages 8 - 15 | January - March 2015

We move our bodies to get places, to feed ourselves, to stay healthy, to express ourselves, to feel things, in pain and in joyful celebration. Our moving bodies can help us think in new ways, connect with others, and in moments of social upheaval, can be powerful vehicles for change.

In this after-school lab we stretched, moved, danced, built strength and coordination, made choreography and thought about how movement can and has been used as a tool for social justice, in performance, on the streets in protest and in direct action.

A workshop with Lucy Segar and LJ Amsterdam.

Lucy Segar is a writer, educator and dancer from Vermont. She studied writing and dance at Oberlin College and recently earned her MFA in writing from Columbia University. She recently relocated to the Hudson Valley after six years teaching movement, writing and conflict resolution at community based school in Brooklyn, NY. 

LJ Amsterdam is a youth facilitator, political action organizer, and dancer from New York City. She recently moved to Millerton, NY to develop The Watershed Center, a social movement resource and education center. Her academic background is in ethnomusicology and she received her B.A. and M.A. from Columbia University. As an organizer and an educator, she has worked extensively with indigenous communities on the front lines of climate change, homeowners fighting foreclosure, and young people in and outside public schools.