Tracing the histories of genre and song to compose and create music.

Tuesdays, 10am - 3pm | Ages 9 - 15  | April - June 2016

The ten-week collaborative Music Studio brought together music history, music theory, and song creation. We discovered musical artists, listening for composition and how songs are arranged across musical forms and genres. We listened closely and actively, and dove deep into the histories behind the music we hear and the genres we love. Inspired by what we heard, we composed songs in small ensembles and individually. We practiced imitating other artists, using existing structures, creating within parameters to open possibilities for song creation, exploring where inspiration and innovation come from. And we discovered basic music theory as it relates to song composition, training and developing our ears to hear musical progressions and chords. 

A course with Tony KieraldoNicole LoBue and visiting collaborators.  A special thank you to Fat Cat Studios!