A one-week workshop in summer 2014: Mobile street art & exchange. What do we have to share with our city?

Ages 9-15  |  Monday, July 21 - Friday, July 25 2014  | 10am - 3pm 

Hudson is filled with businesses, restaurants, and vendors. But what if the kids and teenagers of our community took to the streets to exchange their ideas with the world? Over the course of one week, we dreamt up and build our own mobile art projects and portable carts, each based on an idea for unique exchange with the community of Hudson. We began by looking at public art and street art happening around the world, and explored concepts of public performance and exchange. We asked: what do we have to share with our city? Doing basic carpentry and wood-working to build our mobile pieces, we also experimented with painting, performance, sculpture and sound to make them our own. We became noise-makers and chefs, radio producers and performers, face-painters and knitting instructors. And then we hit the streets of Hudson, for exchange with our neighbors.

Final projects included: the Noise Machine, the Flower Museum, a Statue of Listening, a Pancake Cart, "Paint your Problems Away," a booth where residents were invited to share the problems they see in Hudson and have their face painted, "The Angry Sheep," which offered free knitting lessons, and "True Revolution is Love," an interactive exhibition that asked, "What is love?" Special thank you to 3fortyseven for hosting our street fair!

A workshop by Sara Kendall and Tara Lisa Foley.