A publishing house, radio station, and detective's office run by children.

Thursdays 10am - 3pm | Ages 8 and up  | January - March 2014

This winter, we’ll transform Kite’s Nest into a bustling media production house, exploring big questions as investigative journalists and graphic artists. Each week, we’ll turn our space into a radio studio, a publishing house, a letterpress workshop or a detective’s office.

As a collaborative media-making team, we’ll ask questions about the world together: Why can’t the cargo train make it up the hill outside Kite’s Nest? Why do so many adults hate video-games? Should children go to school?We’ll see where our questions lead us, conducting research, recording interviews, and gathering information. We’ll look at newspapers printed around the world, listen and watch media, and talk about the different voices we hear. What does it mean to be nuanced and balanced? What does it mean to present multiple perspectives of a story? We’ll write features and draw cartoons, tell stories and record sounds. We’ll print our own newspaper, and distribute it throughout the county. We’ll produce live radio shows for broadcast on the airwaves. We’ll make posters, magazines, pamphlets, and comic books, and distribute them at bookstores around the county.

This workshop is part two of Secret City: what do we know about our surroundings, and what else might be possible? What if children took over? Together, we’ll tackle big issues through collaborative research, creative media-making and play.  By learning how to investigate, we can also learn to change and shape what we see.

A workshop by Sara Kendall and Kaya Weidman.