A one-week workshop in summer 2014: From alchemy to chemistry. A magical apothecary stocked and run by children.

Ages 5-8  |  Monday, July 14 - Friday, July 18 2014  | 10am - 3pm 

We spent a week filled with activity and creation in our laboratory/apothecary, and out in the world exploring and harvesting in wild spaces and nearby farms. Through story and imaginative play we learned about the properties of plants, and had the opportunity to discover a love and awe for the special ways that they contribute to our wellness. Each day we engaged in gathering, processing and imbibing the seasonal bounty around us, getting ready to share it with others. We were hard at work transforming plant material into magic and medicine: making naturally fermented sodas, salves, tinctures, and natural dyes. Our week ended in an herbal wellness "clinic," run by children. Flying potions and elderberry syrup, soothing booboos and tummy aches, and caring for one another as a circle of friends.

A workshop by Nicole LoBue.