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How Tuition Works: Kite’s Nest is committed to supporting a diverse community of participants, and offers sliding-scale tuition reduction to ensure that children from across the economic spectrum can attend our programming. In order to make it possible to provide financial aid to low-income families, we encourage those who are able to pay the full tuition amount to please do so. In this spirit, we reserve a number of spots for families who qualify for tuition reduction or full scholarship in each of our workshops. If you are interested in applying for reduced tuition, please contact us. We send you a simple application for sliding-scale tuition reduction or full scholarship. No family is ever turned away for lack of funds and we are committed to finding a way to make it work for each family.
Contact: or call 518 945-8445

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Please let us know if your child has a vision impairment, auditory impairment, or speech/language delay. If your child struggles with any emotional or cognitive issues, or has a chronic disease such as asthma, diabetes, or a seizure disorder, please let us know how we can serve them best.
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We do not store medications for students, but we can help them remember to self-administer, with advance notice. Let us know if we can help your child remember to take any necessary medications. Also, if your child takes meds for a physical, emotional, or cognitive condition, please tell us a little bit about it.
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