rising up

Tracing the histories of people's movements for justice.

Mondays 10am - 3pm | Ages 10 - 15 | March - June 2015

For every story of oppression and injustice in history, there is another story of the struggle for freedom and liberation. Have you ever believed in something so strongly you’re willing to stand up, speak out, and fight for it? How do social movements impact the world?  In this 10-week workshop, we examined groups of people who came together, envisioned liberation, and fought to realize it -- with the goal of understanding how ordinary people work together to create large-scale social change. We explored popular uprisings, campaigns for justice, and activist interventions and examined the components of a social movement: vision strategy, tactics, demands, leaders, and allies. We asked, “When is people power stronger than institutional power?” and “How can we become activists?” Throughout the workshop we reflected on our own experiences of privielge and oppression, proposed ways of living in solidarity with others, and invite others to join our fight.

A workshop with Kaya Weidman, LJ Amsterdam and Paige Gbasie.