Urban sustainability and food justice. Design and build a garden from the roots up!

Sundays 2pm-6pm  |  Ages 13 - 17

Where does our food come from? Why isn’t there a grocery store in Hudson? What are the root causes that let some people have access to good food and not others? What does food justice mean? How can we make a change in our neighborhood, city and region? What if everyone could be a part of growing food for their community?  How do we help create a Hudson that can feed and unify our community?

Through a partnership between Kite’s Nest, Staley B. Keith Social Justice Center, Hudson Urban Gardens, Americorps, Greater Hudson Promise Neighborhoods, and Sweet Freedom Farm, we will work with a group of dedicated teens to design and build our own urban garden and sustainability site located in the 2nd Ward of Hudson.

Farmer and food justice activist Jalal Sabur will join us as an educator and team leader in investigating our neighborhood and city-wide food systems, with the goal of building community food security that addresses social inequity. Together, we will grow fresh organic produce for the nearby SBK Food Pantry, community meals, value-added products and a mini-farmstand.

We’ll head out on field trips to urban gardens in Troy and Albany, visit some of our local farms outside of the city, and cook meals with chef Nicole LoBue of Kite’s Nest.

The new River City Garden will be co-designed and built through a series of collaborations, community workdays and educational programs for youth. We will build phase one of the garden site in 2014, with lots of room to grow in future years.

A workshop by Jalal Sabur and Kaya Weidman.

Scenes from our garden cook-out, on June 1st:

Roots & Rebels public cook-out at the garden, on June 1st, 2014: