Growing food and growing justice. Come get your hands dirty at the River City Garden!

4pm - 6pm at the River City Garden | Ages 7 - 15 | Fall 2015

Every Friday afternoon throughout fall 2015, kids of all ages got their hands dirty at the River City Garden. We were growing our own plants, making our own soil, and tending to our gardens. While working on our shared garden, we learned about how the food system works and why some people don’t have enough food and others have too much. While examining the insects and microbes in our healthy soil, we considered how and why chemicals are so often used to grow our food. Growing food alongside adult community gardeners, these afternoons were opportunities for exchange across generations and cultures: we learned from each other about growing practices, plant varieties, seed-saving techniques, and ways to cook the food we’d grown. 

What’s the River City Garden? In 2014, a group of young people and adults in Hudson built a new community garden from the soil up. They invited the community in to help build raised beds, erect a fence, shovel compost and plant food that was then tended to and harvested by many families throughout the season. Stop by and take a look! 

With Kaya Weidman and Laura Engelman.