Social Justice Leadership Academy 
August 7, 2015

How do we truly feed a movement? Food brings people together.
Spreading the word. Digesting together. Nourishing the movement.
Tonight, we are memorializing lost loved ones with each dish.

St. Louis Toasted Ravioli
summer tomato sauce, basil and parmigiano
Dedicated to Michael Brown

New York Pizza
Dedicated to Eric Garner

Baltimore Crab Cake
housemade aioli
Dedicated to Freddie Gray

Texas BBQ Pulled Pork
Dedicated to Sandra Bland

Florida Key Lime Pie
Dedicated to Trayvon Martin

Little Seed Leaves with Black Sauce

Tomato Salad

Lime Chili Cucumber

Smokey Collards

SJLA’s own Hot Sauce

Peach and Basil Agua Fresca with Lime


Meal prepared by Jahmir, Jacob, Tee-quan, Juan and Adonis
with Nicole and Jalal