This broadcast presents the work of a group of young Hudson leaders (ages 12-18) that came together for five weeks as part of the "Social Justice Leadership Academy" to build a space for exploration, play, and creative and political expression. Through hands-on experiences as on-the-street interviewers and on-the-farm harvesters, the teenagers explored systemic oppression and solutions for communities. The youth addressed various issues, including inequality, racism, food justice, gentrification, the school-to-prison-pipeline and youth power. This hour-long radio piece is a collaborative youth production that reflects an investigation of these issues, and lays out the young people's dreams for the future.

Collaboratively produced by: Shah Khan, Juan Simon Sanchez, Hunter Thibeault, Adonis Ragland, Charles Daley, Jasmine Wise, Isabella Lee, Michael Nouris, Natalie Desrosiers, Aiden Hunt, Betye Arrastia-Nowak, Claire Cousin, LJ Amsterdam, Sara Kendall and Jalal Sabur.