A weekly space by and for Hudson teens. Run in partnership with the Staley B. Keith Social Justice Center

Thursdays 4PM - 7PM, as well as special events and workshops
September 22 - December 8
Free for Hudson teenagers. Donations welcome.

Space 101 is a space for teenagers in Hudson to have as their own. A core group of teenagers come together every week to produce media and music, cook food, and maintain a youth-led community space. Space 101 is a place where teenagers can have open dialogue about issues around the world, in Hudson, and in their lives. It’s a place where teenagers can develop the skills to organize for social change, and where they’re encouraged and provided with the tools to follow their own interests.

All of our activities -- whether they’re focused around film, music, theater, cooking, etc. -- have an emphasis on youth empowerment. We are always pushing each other to think critically, to analyze and engage with the world around us, and to draw from own experiences and passions.

Being a part of Space 101 means... to be a thinker. To have your voice heard. To be a part of a supportive community. To be active in our larger community. To be exposed to new information and new experiences. To have shared ownership over a space. To have a space to be who you are. To have a space to talk about issues you face. To have a space where you can plan how to take action to address those issues!

An after school club with Brianna Pope and Calvin Lewis.