Special Projects: Media: Spring 2013

Special Projects: Media was a space for young mediamakers interested in working together on media projects, from concept to completion. We focused on the following areas:


Kite’s Nest is the proud owner of a Poco “Zero” galley proof press. In 2013, we began learning the basics of letterpressing using wood type with the kind assistance of John Barrett of Letterpress Things and Carrie Tuccio of Small Oak Press. In Special Projects: Media, our participants worked to operate a letterpress print shop, taking orders from the public and designing projects of our own


Some of us tried our hand at radio production, developing content for podcasts and broadcast on our local community radio station, WGXC (90.7-FM). We explored the art of the interview, the intricacies of editing and the thrill of broadcast.

Photo & Video

We critiqueed film and images in an effort to develop our ‘eye’ as photographers and cinematographers, and worked to organize our images to tell a story or create a pattern. Our participants used our space as a production studio, undertaking projects in filmmaking or photography. They took on set creation or lighting design, directed a photo shoot or attempt a short film (time-lapse, stop motion, or live action). 


Together we created a digital platform to publish our work, and curated a collection of kid-friendly media to share.