Geography, ecology and anthropology through textiles and color.
We'll weave our way through the past, and spin into the future. 

Mondays 10am - 3pm | Ages 10 - 15 | January - March 2015

Through dying, sewing, weaving, knitting and spinning, we explored the histories, cultures and geographies of the textiles that we use every day. This workshop was a hands-on investigation of cloth and culture, from the knitting of a sweater to the weaving of a political statement.

How do different cultures express themselves through woven cloth? What colors do people use to express themselves around the world, and why? We learned about the chemistry and cellular biology of dying fibers, using natural and synthetic dyes. We learned from the techniques that people used around history, and we made up our own. And then we each dove into our own project: designing our own pieces, working on our skills, and solving problems along way. 

A workshop with Margot Becker, Alex Malmude and Nicole LoBue.