Submit a Class Proposal

Do you have a great idea for a class that you’d like to teach at Kite’s Nest? Here’s how to submit a proposal.

Step 1: Spend some time looking at our Past Programs and Current Programs page - (click on each of the images to read more about each class). Read through all of our current Calls for Teachers. Before proposing an idea, it’s important that you have a sense of what kinds of programs we offer at Kite’s Nest during the day and after school.

Step 2: If you're ready to submit an idea for a daytime class or an after school program, fill out the form below to tell us about yourself and your proposal. 

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    Tell us about your idea for a class you're interested in teaching at Kite's Nest.
    Tell us about what relevant experience you bring (experience teaching or experience in the proposed class content area)
    What is the ideal format for your proposed class (Daytime? After school? What is the ideal length of the class?)
    Tell us about your schedule and availability, and anything else we should know.