For our 2013 summer quarter, we will be offering the following workshops: 


A one-week workshop
Monday 7/22 to Friday 7/26
10 AM - 2 PM
Ages 5-7


In which we mix up potions and put them in bottles. A magic apothecary stocked and run by children. Fermentation, sodas, salves, natural dyes, the secret properties of plants. From alchemy to chemistry.


A two-week workshop
Week one: Monday 8/5 to Friday 8/9
Week two: Monday 8/12 to Friday 8/16 
10 AM- 3 PM
Ages 8 - 13

Building boats big and small using traditional hand tools, under the guidance of craftsman Nick Zachos and the Hudson Sloop Club.


A one-week workshop
Monday 8/19 to Friday 8/23
10 AM - 3 PM
Ages 10 and up


Getting ambitious in the kitchen. Work with Chef Nicole LoBue to create and present a series of meals in our new kitchen. Discover the science and culture of taste.



Events occuring during the week of 8/26.

A very special series of events focusing on rhythm, occurring during the week of August 26th. More to be announced.