Time captured! Discovering the hidden dimension of time with photography.

Four Mondays, 3pm - 6pm: November - December 2014
Ages 8 and up

One day two fish were swimming along on their way to a picnic at the bottom of the sea when they passed a bigger fish and he casually asked: how’s the water today? Neither of them responded, in fact they sped up thinking perhaps he wanted them to come closer, so he could eat one of them. On the way back from the picnic, they passed the same fish in the same spot and again he asked them the same question: how’s the water? This time they stopped. While they had had a great picnic & wonderful afternoon, the bigger fish’s question had been on their mind all day and so finally one of the two little fish moved a little closer and quietly asked: what’s ‘water’?

We swim through time everyday and like fish through water, we often forget that everything from breakfast to bedtime (and beyond!) rides along this invisible thing, this hidden dimension. Beginning as a workshop-within-a-workshop, we will use time-lapse cameras to scout locations picked by the participants for their “Give Me Shelter” projects. Then, guided by artist David Eustace and with ongoing technical support of local multimedia professionals, this roving project will allow participants to watch both the natural environment and their own intervention within it unfold over the course of several weeks.

A workshop with David Eustace. David was born and educated in Toronto, Canada, and has been working in as an artist in international context for over ten years, with work recently exhibited in Germany and Croatia. With fine arts training in printmaking and figurative drawing, his current practice focuses on painting and installation. He has received various grants and awards in Canada and the United States and is currently represented by McDaris Fine Art in Hudson.