A writing group for children and young adults.

Mondays 3pm - 6pm  |  Ages 8 - 14 | January - March 2014

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The winter is cold.  Writing warms us up. All voices and experiences welcome.WWG is an after school creative space open to anyone age 8-14.*  This class is a continuation of our fall group, Status Update, in which we asked "what counts as writing?" and explored various experimental approaches. We will focus on both group and individual writing, sharing and reading, but also and more broadly, on staying open to our inner voices and paying attention to our imaginations.

Our goal is to empower the voices of young writers.  We will expand our understanding of what writing is, as well as capture our attention through writing that breaks free from rules and rights and wrongs. Through wordplay, games and experiments, we might compose a collaborative poem out of text messages, write rap lyrics on candy wrappers, transcribe a story our friend tells, keep a journal about our lives inside a fantasy video game, or invent histories about the Hudson River.  Our experiences together will deliver to us new words and with those words, new ideas. Participants will become comfortable with the coexistence of many written voices, and also gain confidence in the sound of their own writing voice. This group is for anyone and everyone who enjoys words in any form: rhymed, sung, read, texted, written and spoken.

A workshop by Peter Nowogrodzki and Kaya Weidman.