How do you sew a house and build a sweater?

Mondays 10am-3pm  |  Ages 8 and up | January - March 2014

A fortress. A house. A cozy nook. In this class we will create new spaces, inside and outside, inspired by a multitude of materials, tools, histories and cultures.

Kite’s Nest will become a place of transformation, as we build structures and spaces to inhabit, to rest, to cozy into, to hide and play. Through tactile interactions with materials hard and soft, we will examine spaces, history, mathematics, science, botany, carpentry, and textiles. Informed by traditional construction techniques, our buildings will utilize materials and fabrics of all types, which we’ll knit, knot, felt, weave, spin, and carve. A hammock for everyone? Printing with wool? Weaving with hickory strips? We will break down and examine the molecular structure of fiber under microscopes and magnification, and use our findings as inspiration for our creations. We will reinvent the curtains which enclose our space, and we’ll continually ask ourselves: what do structure and fiber have in common?

Guest architects, textile artists, boatswains, and weavers will join us throughout the ten weeks to inspire and play.  They’ll guide us in using our hands and bodies as tools for fabrication, along with looms and spindles, a table-top carding machine, and our woodshop.


A workshop by Nicole LoBue, Nick Zachos, and textile expert Margot Becker.