Big Mistakes and Small Success!

We began by writing about some of our biggest mistakes, and listing our small but significant, daily successes, which led us to have some wonderful conversations about our commonalities. Here's an excerpt!


Once upon a time a koala named Joey was escaping from his home in Australia to go antarctica  where his to make a musically in the freezing cold water… Don’t ask me why! So he set off. The first day he thought about food, oh the yummy food in australlia. This is a bit too much information, but he started drooling. So he helped himself to a bit of grass. The next day Joey faced a beach, but this was no ordinary beach this beach had about a 100ft tall wall around it. He looked behind him and saw a lit up board that said “YOU…” then flashing to “DIE!” and the devil emoji and then two people came out with devil grins that turned into surprised faces. Joey, I forgot to mention was an EPIC breakdancer so he started to whip out their freaking guts because that's normal & all. So Joey caught a plane ride somehow to Antarctica and when he got there he went down to the freezing water and jumped in, then realized he can't swim & on top of that doesn't have a waterproof case & even on top of that he forgot his phone at Australia. The end :)

-- Iphy