Self-Portrait, I Am Poems ~ 1/20/2016 and 1/27/2016

This week we wrote self-portrait poems after doing a free-write based on the words: "I come from..."

Here they are!


I am...
But a decoy...
Just a body taking all
Of the hits for myself within.

The sting of words
No longer affects me.
The force of a fist
Doesn't even faze me.

Nobody knows who I am
Because I don't tell them.
Sometimes I even question who I  am.

I feel like an empty expectation.
Something someone builds up...
But ultimately fails...

But I am me.

And I am here.

And I'm going to do my best.

-Hunter Quinn



A Crappy Old Dude

A crappy old man
walked into the park,
just to yell at kids
for being too loud
on the playground.

He popped all
of the kid's balloons.
After, he walked home
to practice yelling at kids.

I was one of those kids
five years ago.
Not all old people
are crappy, just this one.




I Am

She's that girl who wants to go to mall.
She wants to be her best friend Rasa.
She is bae.
She wants to have the most epic room
She's always jealous of her friends.
She has been dancing since she was two and half.
She's that girl that wants to be pretty and famous.
She's that girl who has zero followers on youtube
That girl is me.



She Is

She has that zero subscriber life
She wants to be that beauty guru that every
youtuber is.

She wants to be that girl with millions of subscribers.
She smells the sweat rolling down her face.
Her hands are becoming wet.

She is that girl that has nothing people want to watch.
Wishes of collabs surround her brain,
Ideas crush her brain.

She chews the end of her pencil with hope.
The taste of eraser stings her tongue.
She executes nothing. 

She sees youtubers succeeding and she is not.
She thinks there should be a plaque for zero subscribers.
I am she.  




i am from hot coffee in the morning
i am from lazy weekends on the couch
i am from netflix and instagram
i am from dark chocolate and long baths
i am from christmas lights and cozy rooms
i am from messy buns and sweatpants
i am.....

                                          - mariah


I am…
That girl that lives in the house with the screaming goats and crazy chickens.

She is…
That girl that always wears the same shirt.

I wish...
That I could get millions of subscribers on youtube.

She wishes...
That she could remember to take off the makeup.

I hope...
That one I will face my fears.

She hopes...
That one day she will finish that book.

I will…
One day sharpen that pencil!

She will...
One day find that rubber band.

Will I ever…
Hit 10 subscribers?

Will she ever…
Get better at putting on makeup?

- Iphy