Place Pieces! Jan 27th-Feb 3rd!

This week we wrote about places that have shaped and influenced us, places where we feel at home. 


my chair with the desk and my computer on top. the screen the
source of entertainment my happiness. :)  

-- Sylvain


My favorite place is my room.

My room is my favorite place because I spend literally all my free time in there, therefore I get bored of my room, and that's why I redo my room everyday.

My room smells like my vanilla caramel swirl bath and body works candle. When i'm in my room I  feel very cozy.

My room smells like my cat named finley.

My room consists of christmas lights and throw pillows, iced chai lattes and candles, chocolate and cats, messy hair and unbelievably fluffy blankets. Most of the things in my room are DIY’ed crafts. In my room I have a whole chest of drawers with my makeup, nail polish, and hair tools.

My room is my favorite place.

-- Rasa