MAD-LIBS! Famous First Lines and Last Lines! Feb. 3rd-Feb 10th!

We explored the different roles that adjectives, nouns and verbs play in our writing this week by creating our own MAD-LIB stories. Read some here!


i ate a duck  and it was good

do you like gilgamesh

my house elbo is awesome
            body part

i don't like fries and er lob
                             body part

-- Sylvain


It was love at first sight, she knew it was. That night she went to her favorite place to eat and the man she met was there… The man had a bald head with a go-T and he was 26.
The girl had long brown with make-up on fleek and she was 25
The next day the man was in her bed with her.
At 7:38am the man was making her breakfast.
At 8:05am he went to check on her, but she was not in the room but the window was open…
The man looked all day for her.
At 10:30pm, he went to bed and the girl was back.
She had a knife. The knife came down, missing him by inches.

-- Harlee