ALL in a NAME!

This week we wrote about our names, and created fictional characters by playing a name matching game! Here's an excerpt!


Anasthesia Rose Hope is a miserable being. She is weird in many ways, like you and me. She eats the crust of of her pizza first, she is to lazy to take the time to make french pressed coffee, so she pours boiling water in her mouth with coffee beans to keep her awake in the night. That’s the only chance she gets to walk in the graveyard. If Anasthesia doesn’t get her graveyard walk at least once a night she gets depressed. When ever she sees the moon light she feels sticky, but sticky in a good way like that time you got a bloody nose. Five years later she is still depressed, sticky, and weird. Anasthesia’s room reminds me of a funeral home, dusty fake flowers, staleness, and sad people, but in this case it’s one person, Anasthesia Rose Hope.

-- Rasa