Outdoor adventure, exploration, observation and recording in the woods, fields and streams of Hudson.

Wednesdays 10am - 3pm | Ages 8-15 | March - June 2015

In this outdoor, excursion-based workshop, we became naturalists and creative recorders of our local landscapes. We spent each week in the forests and fields, learning to observe the natural world with care and attention: seeing, smelling, hearing, playing, drawing, painting and taking notes.  With a focus on careful observation, recording and research, we asked: What natural patterns do we see and feel? What are the medicinal and edible plants growing around us? We identified trees and plants and watched them grow, collected stream water and tested its quality and flow. We learned about pollinators and the reproductive parts of a flower. And we honed our art techniques: learning about shading, texture, color, negative space, and more. Throughout the quarter, our investigations led us to explore the scientific method, develop our observation skills, and organize our recorders into data. 

A workshop with Lucy Segar & Cara Turett.