Listen, create, compose, collaborate. Breaking down the music we hear to build new sounds and songs.

Tuesdays 10am - 3pm | Ages 9 - 15 | September - December 2015

In this collaborative Sound Studio, we took a deep dive into creative musical composition. Together and on our own, we wrote songs: we did an exquisite corpse exercise to stimulate our lyrical imaginations; we broke into small groups to focus on lyrics, rhythm and melody; and then we brought our group creations into conversation, making a collective song. Our Sound Studio was also a space for kids to develop their own songs and musical ideas, driven by their personal abilities and interest. These individual projects were shaped by collaborative feedback sessions. At the end of the ten weeks, we visited Future-Past, a professional studio in Hudson to lay down our tracks and to produce an EP of our songs. 

A workshop with Tony Kieraldo. Tony is a freelance pianist, pen & ink artist, teacher, accompanist, composer and musical-director that lives in Hudson, NY.  Tony has spent ten years freelancing as a musical-director for two non-profit children’s dance companies, National Dance Institute and Celebrate the Beat. He has recorded, performed, and toured internationally with various musical groups and performed genres of all kinds, including jazz, classical, rock, hip-hop, sufi, folk and avante garde. From 2010-2011, Tony was director/arranger/lead teacher for an American elementary school youth orchestral program based on the world renowned Venezuelan, El Sistema in Avon, Colorado. In 2014, Tony performed at the White House in Washington D.C. for Michelle Obama and President Barack Obama as part of the President’s Council for Arts & Humanities called Turnaround Arts. He currently plays with the Voodoo Orchestra led by legendary drummer Bobby Previte and with Tommy Stinson, legendary bass player from the Replacements and Guns & Roses.