And the ghosts...they own everything!

We spent some time writing about ghosts, ghost stories and imagined both sides of supernatural experiences, both from the ghosts' perspectives and the haunted person's. 

...a week or so later, i was walking to the bathroom to brush my teeth before bed. and i heard someone pushing furniture around above me. and the next night father said he heard it too. and then my sister Molly said the covers had been pulled off her mysteriously in the night as well. so i knew i wasn’t going mad....

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Images and Imagery!

By creating collages of different images, we composed visual maps of stories we then began writing, using language to describe both the images we used in our collages, and the images we saw in our minds! "A rusty arm and leg lay abandoned underwater..."

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ALL in a NAME!

This week we wrote about our names, and created fictional characters by playing a name matching game. "Anasthesia Rose Hope is a miserable being. She is weird in many ways, like you and me. She eats the crust of of her pizza first, she is to lazy to take the time to make french pressed coffee, so she pours boiling water in her mouth with coffee beans to keep her awake in the night..."

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