Fill your notebooks, publish your thoughts: creative writing across the genres. 

Wednesdays 3pm - 6pm | Ages 9 - 15 | January - March 2016

In this after-school creative writing workshop, we engaged with the medium of WORDS. Through writing, reading, group discussion and writer’s workshops we played and experimented with words, creating a space for exciting, rich, literacy-building conversations, connections and expressions of ourselves and the stories we love. We wrote, and learned to think by writing, about writing, and like writers. Each week we explored different genres of creative writing: poetry, prose, non-fiction, fiction, drama, graphic novels and comics, as well as other experimental forms.

An afternoon club with Lucy Segar. Lucy is a writer and educator living in Hudson. She studied writing and dance at Oberlin college, and earned her MFA in writing at Columbia University. 


You can read excerpts of our writing and weekly prompts on our blog, below and at this link!